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Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

Deep understanding · Customized solutions


Cutting-edge solutions that leverage digital transformation

We are a team of experts passionate about innovation and excellence in technology.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the technology area and a solid academic background that includes a master's degree in data science, MBA, specialization in information systems and PMP certification, we stand out for offering cutting-edge solutions and accompanying our clients in its digital transformation.


Assessment and


05| Results report

04| Data analysis and results

03| Interviews and questionnaires

02| Information gathering


01| Initial kick-off meeting


01| Assessment review

04| Training and transfer

of knowledge

03| Implementation and


02| Analysis and recommendations

05| Monitoring and evaluation



They have extensive experience in the field of Business Intelligence, data architecture and Microsoft technology in the cloud. They have an average of 15 years working in the technology area, which gives them a deep understanding of the challenges and the most advanced solutions on the market. 

Senior consultants lead high-level projects, providing strategic advice, making key decisions and designing tailored solutions for our clients. Their experience allows them to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization in systems and processes, resulting in efficient and high-impact solutions.


They are growing professionals who have a solid foundation in the technologies and methodologies we use. Although they may have fewer years of experience than Senior Consultants, their enthusiasm and technical skills allow them to play a vital role in diverse projects. Junior consultants are ideal for support tasks, implementation of solutions and execution of specific tasks under the direction of a Senior consultant.


expert advice,

extraordinary results.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has led us to be recognized for our consultancies in Business Intelligence, data architecture, DAX, Power BI and Microsoft technology in the cloud (Azure). We are proud of our track record working with various companies, providing expert advice and delivering results that exceed expectations.



Data thatsum




Years of experience


Strategic allies

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